Chinese Website Design.

Developing a Chinese user friendly website to meet your Chinese audience’s taste.
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This beautifully designed, multi-page site lets you tell customers about your business, share product photos or videos and even map your location. View the examples below

Bespoke professional website translation service for small, medium and large businesses.

Inbound Dragon has plenty of expertise providing professional marketing and website translations, allowing organisations to reach a Chinese audiences online.

​Our expert language services team guarantee accuracy, punctuality, and confidentiality, which is why Inbound Dragon is great for translating websites and blog articles, email campaigns and online advertising into Chinese (Simplified/Traditional).

What does our website translation service involve?

Areas that we cover in our Chinese website localization services:
Content and Language
Do all the words, phrases and metaphors work in a Chinese culture? Localization adapts language, style, tone and message to suit this target locale
Remember not everyone thinks in Dollars and Euros. Localization looks at on-site data such as dates, times, currencies, phone numbers, units of measurement, forms and much more.

Chinese don’t look at a website in the same way as Westerners? The Western eye does one thing and the Chinese another. Good navigation is about good usability and localization has to adapt to local expectations to ensure visitors stay on your site.
Will your Chinese audience respond to the text or images? If images then we need to look at how they are used.

Website Hosting.

It is a common question: Does my Chinese website need to be hosted inside Mainland China? No, you don’t need to, however, we do suggest you to host it in Mainland China. Why? Please continue reading.