Starting building your followers in China via Weibo and WeChat.

China Social Media Marketing.

Engaging with Chinese on Social Media.

The social media landscape in China is vastly different from the rest of the world. Names like Weibo, WeChat and YouKu dominate the scene. There are well over 600 million registered Weibo users and more than 500 million active WeChat users of which 100 million are outside China. Additionally, Facebook, Twitter and other famous international platforms are blocked in the mainland of China.

Our social media team can work with you to create a strategy to connect your brand with a Chinese speaking audience living in China or overseas. And given our experience, we will ensure you expand your audience, grow your following and manage your presence to maximize the opportunities on social media.

By creating a flexible and dynamic social media marketing strategy, we can help you to position yourself on social media that will give you the right mechanisms to engage with your audience, build brand value and ultimately drive sales. We design and implement strategies to work in conjunction with your other digital and conventional marketing activities to maximize the results of each channel.

Inbound Dragon can provide a total social media management service including strategy, implementation and ongoing management. We can also create a social media response strategy to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Here’s how Inbound Dragon can help you on social:

It’s vital to understand the complex social landscape before engaging with Chinese customers on social media. Our team will craft your campaigns with engaging content tailored to region, dialect, age, gender — you name it.
We will help develop a strategic plan to build and engage a targeted social audience for your brand.
As avid Chinese social media users ourselves, our team has a finger on the pulse of rapidly-changing social trends. You’ll never miss out on new platform or functionality options.
We’re not only the experts in creating great content, but also in advertising on social. This includes Weibo marketing, remarketing, and in-depth analytics to ensure you’re getting the best ROI.